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Yurisan Lud López Guzmán: Community Pioneer in Genetics

GENEX CDP Peru enjoys working with ambitious farmers every day like Yurisan Lud López Guzmán. When her father unexpectedly died in June 2020, she did not hesitate to take on the responsibility of the farm. Her Animal Science Degree prepared her for taking over the responsibility of the family’s 10 hectares of land and 25 Brown Swiss cattle, of which 7 are milking cows that produce 50 liters of milk per day. The milk produced is processed into yogurt and a local variety of cheese in the region. Her main goal is to improve the genetic of her cattle by breeding for increased milk solids to produce more yogurt and cheese.

Yurisan was selected to participate in the Artificial Insemination Training Workshop hosted by GENEX CDP. She is excited to use AI as the key driver to reach genetic improvement goals. She continually strives to improve her skills by participating in courses, webinars, and demonstrative practices. This allows her to provide AI services for fellow farmers in her community in Andachaca. Being the only woman AI technician in the region does not hold her back from volunteering to support her fellow farmers in and around her region. Motivated by her spirit of solidarity and passion, Yurisan is an excelling entrepreneur and leader in her community.