Dairy Comp Go at the Heart of a Dairy Farm
Dairy Comp Go: The most efficient tool for the management of small and medium-sized farmers.

Dairy Comp Go is an application that easily proves its usefulness and its value for small and medium-sized farmers. This software was developed based on the experiences of farmers in Latin America and Africa. Farmers in Latin American continue to contribute to the development of the app by providing important suggestions to further improve this innovative dairy farm management tool. Never has an application of this quality been available to the farmer that allows farmers to make decisions that drive profit.

DC GO is created by VAS, a respected leading company globally specializing in the management of livestock data. VAS driving goal is to create tools for farmers of every size around the world.

DC GO is a powerful and necessary tool for the small farmer, a tool that allows him to manage the farm efficiently by providing very important information on production, reproduction, health, pedigree, for adequate and timely decision-making to optimize the profitability of small and medium-sized dairy farms. Download Dairy Comp Go through the Google Play.