Yitsek Junior Cano Reynoso: Leader in Genetic Progress in His Farmer Organization

Yitsek Junior Cano Reynoso is a young farmer who currently serves as the chair of the Association of Cattlemen of Huancabamba.  His parents started raising livestock in 1990 when they bought a pregnant cow; at the same time, they began creating a pasture system.

Yitsek, from a very young age, was in the field learning the tasks of management of livestock and pastures. That experience made it an easy decision to attend National University Daniel Alcides Carrión to study agronomy. This education allows him to even more dedicate himself more fully to work the field and began raising small livestock of his own. When he was looking to diversify, he found that dairy farming was an exciting opportunity in his area, so in 2015 he bought 5 calves to start his dairy. In 2018, he was invited by Lito García to be part of the Association of Dairy Farmers of Huancabamba which he was named president that same year.

Yitsek enjoyed serving his fellow farmers and started sharing about the exciting opportunity of genetic advancement through AI. He first learned about AI from the Livestock Project in Pasco, and in 2019, he was further trained by GENEX CDP PERU. As a leader, Yitsek sees the opportunity of improving livestock to further increase the profitability of the association. The program started with three members that were trained by GENEX CDP PERU as AI Technicians. They learned about the AI technique, semen handling, genetic progress, and general livestock management. They started the AI service through the association with US imported genetics and the project is already showing results. Everyone was excited to meet Elsita, a jersey calf that was first to be born sired by imported semen!

This organization and Yitsek plans to continue the project for years to come, and he is excited to see what the herds of the future will look like in his region through genetic progress and AI.

Meeting of the Association of Dairy Farmers of Huancabamba.

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