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Neil Otto Ruffner Bottger: Young Farmer Making a Big Impact with GENEX CDP Peru

At the age of 14 years old, Neil Otto Ruffner Bottger is continuing the legacy of his grandmother who started the farm in 1970. As a child, Neil was instilled in the value of work by helping his grandmother every day. He quickly learned how to milk, take care of calves and feed livestock. At the age of four, his grandmother gifted him his first cow and a calf. Niel’s passion continued and decided to save his money to buy more calves and improve his facilities. With the support of his grandmother and father, he was able to take the next big step in growing his operation which was a trip to the capital city of Lima to purchase ten Holstein heifers to add to his growing herd.

As a member of the Association of Oxapampa Farmers, Neil is trained in the Artificial Insemination Workshop Course conducted by GENEX CDP PERU to continue the genetic improvement on his herd. His goal is to use 100 percent artificial insemination and imported sexed semen. Currently, Neil has 21 heifers and dry cows, and 9 cows milking. Neil is the youngest farmer trained by GENEX CDP Peru, yet he has a clear entrepreneurial spirit with a bright future ahead.