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GENEX CDP South Africa Mentors Making a Difference

John Flanagan is the mentor for GENEX CDP South Africa partner cooperatives of Owothate and Isibonelo Esihle. John works with farmers on ways to improve their operations through better grassland management, improved breeding strategies, and proper vaccination scheduling. Cooperative members are increasingly adopting these strategies into their production systems. These improvements overall farm management leads to a more successful reproduction program. Better genetics produces better calves, and better calves are bringing in higher income. Mr. Sanele Mbhele is a cooperative member working with John who quickly started introducing bulls with quality genetics early in the GENEX CDP South Africa program. With improved weaning weights and added income, he is now able to invest in other parts of his operation. Many are showing interest in his operation because he was named a standout farmer and qualified for a government grant to build a processing shed for beans.